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Rayna is such a bitch!

One of the mommies put a cuddle cup in the cage the other day. MY cuddle cup. The green one! But I haven't gotten to sleep in it AT ALL!! Why?? Because of that mean old Rayna! Every time I try to get in it, she glares at me or bites me! She doesn't even want it for herself, she just won't let me in it! But she lets stupid Persephone sleep in it all the time! This is MY cuddle cup! The one that needs a bacon tray!!

Speaking of bacon, I'm ALWAYS getting blamed by the mommies whenever someone starts wheeking for bacon. Can I help it if the other pigs have finally seen the light and want to partake of the yumminess that is bacon? I think not! I was asleep at the time!!

Anyway, I have important things to go do now. Those poops aren't going to eat themselves, you know!
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