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Someone please Pimp My Cage!

I love watching this "TV" thing and my favorite show is called "Pimp My Ride". But since I don't have any ride (since fatass Jackie moved out) I would like the fine people to Pimp My Cage! I need some bling (aren't I a pretty pretty princess like Ashes and Persephone?) and a fancy paint job with stripes on the hay baskets and a gradient on the sides of the cage, and some graffiti on the floor, and then I want hydraulic lifts for the pellet dishes, and spinning hubcaps on the outside! I think that would look really awesome and pimped-out! And the finishing touch would be a "No Bunnies" sign!

Also, my mommy is playing a game called Dragon Quest, and there are terrifying HORNED BUNNIES in it!! How wrong is that?! I wish she wouldn't play that scary game!
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